Saturday, February 19, 2011

My daughters assault: WMUR Channel 9 News tonight at 11!!

My daughters assault: WMUR Channel 9 News tonight at 11!!: "We just got back from our interview with WMUR News, it will aire tonight on the 11 o'clock news. Shortly after the interview I received call..."


  1. Danielle I am so sorry that Morgan is goihjg thru this. First I want to make sure she is ok. Next I want to tell you my sons story The quick short version. We are in Jaffrey. He was chocked by a student and I was never informed even thought that is a felong assualt. My son came home from school and told me and I was instantly on the phone. with the vice principal. (as he was the one that "handled it") I wasn't allowed to know what actions were taken again the boy that laid his handds on my son. The campus police was supposed to get involved but I haven't heard anything. I did talk to the principal too and he said "I don't condisider it a violent act" I flipped.
    I think there is a huge problem in this state (and maybe others) about how the school handles things.
    Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. My heart goes out to Morgan and you.

  2. Danielle, I'm a NH mom - and I also own I'm absolutely floored and furious about the treatment Morgan received, and the lack of notification. I have written a few articles about bullying in recent months, it's an issue I feel very strongly about.

    May I have your permission to write about Morgan and include a picture of her in the article? Please feel free to contact me at

    My thoughts and prayers are with Morgan, I pray for a swift recovery... and justice!

  3. What a shame it is to see that our law was revised and parents still have no real recourse for school employees that allow students to be bullied. When my daughter and her friend were bullied several years ago I was able to cite the requirement for reporting in the original law and use the fact that it had been violated to get some action. Additional threats were made against her and those were ignored as well. It seemed that even though this law was in place, it didn’t prevent disregard for it. My daughter is now home schooled. It seems to me that under the revised law anyone who doesn’t report may only be violating a school policy. Perhaps this has watered down the response; you can no longer say that an employee has violated the law. I can’t wait to see what sanctions are given out by your school district, maybe a HARD slap on the wrist or perhaps a SEVERE tongue lashing. Now that there is evidence that the new law doesn’t stop bullying, what next? In my mind there will be no victory until there is absolutely ZERO tolerance for this at every level including the State. The State has said we won’t tolerate it then passed the buck to the school districts for enforcement, that’s just shirking the responsibility to our children’s safety.
    -Todd Westfall

  4. Danielle, It seems to me that this can easily be considered a Federal case. They were sexually harassing her and then retaliated against her for reporting it. Cut and dried. Call the FBI and Immigration... forget the school district. They're so wrapped up in red-tape they can't even issue a blank piece of paper without checking in the mirror first.
    It's insulting to immigrants and refugees everywhere that these boys are on the run from extreme violence in their homeland, only to turn into the very sort of maniacs they were running from in the first place.
    I'm absolutely furious over this assault and I commend you for not taking the law into your own hands, I don't know that I could have exercised such restraint.
    Call the Feds.

  5. its a shame what happen wish the best for everyone in this situation we all need to figure out something to get this taking more seriously.

    I can't stand bullies and school doing nothing. i am a 24 year old. i have a disbality so i been bullied before. i used to sneak into special ed classes afarid to be pick on. so i like to see if there any way we can help.

  6. First of all let me just say that I hope that Morgan will make a full & speedy recovery and that justice will come to those who did this horrific act upon your beautiful daughter. This is UNBELIEVABLE that the principals in the schools around this state allow for this kind of behavior & these children of all ages getting hurt and NOTHING BEING DONE! I also am outraged by the principals response and he should have his behind handed to him. The Manchester Police Department response surprises me. I think they also should have action taken against them for also not doing THEIR JOB which is to PROTECT & SERVE! Get yourself a great lawyer & let them know that they all will not get away with this. Where was Morgan's protection? These flipping boys & their families should all be deported back to their country!

  7. bring up a very valid point. I think bringing this to a federal level just might be called for. Thank you

    @newfoundconcerns...I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter, this is like so many stories I've been hearing. It shouldn't take a young girl getting her teeth punched out of her head to get attention and hopefully that will change very soon.

    @jami468 THANK YOU please voice your concern to the media, they need to hear from strong minded people like yourself. Again, thank you!

    @oddslick...I can't imagine how that must have felt. That's another thing that needs to be changed is the stigma about special education classes. Law students often study in groups, so that they can better interpert the material and course work. Special education classes are mearly a different setting with alternative approaches to the same material. NOTHING to be ashamed about. The issues never get addressed, and often turns into bullying preventing students from learning! I'm so so sorry you had to feel that way...

    @scrapdiva...Karen, I know I couldn't believe the principal said that to me either. It made me feel like he could have cared less how hurt my daughter was. I'm calling for him to be removed and I stand very strong on that.

    @Lisa...I look forward to seeing your article thank you very much!!

    Thank you everyone!

  8. ... I don't mean to suggest letting the school off the hook. That nurse and the principal should be considered mandatory reporters for such a violent act. That nurse is there to hand out band-aids and aspirin and has the State Mandate to seek more qualified, emergency help for such an injury.. The principal is responsible for the safety of all those kids and himself has a legal obligation to report certain acts.
    I've written to my State Representatives and I encourage every NH resident to do the same.

  9. Sorry, writing to State Reps has little effect/result.. Am now looking for legal contacts within immigration.
    Danielle can email to be blind copied on emails I send.

  10. If anyone has similar stories please contact Lauren Collins at NECN,