Sunday, February 20, 2011

What an AMAZING support team everyone is!

I can't tell everyone how much the continued support and advocacy means to only my family, especially Morgan.  She continued to have terrible nightmares again last night.  It was heart breaking watching her talk about the incident because she starts trembling.  It's so sad to see a child so 'broken' from such an unnecessary and preventable attack.

I'm going to make it my personal mission to work closely with as many schools as I can on their bullying policies.  If schools aren't going to listen the parents, than I will!  I will do everything I can to be the voice for our precious children!

For those of you who have facebook here is a link to my page, you're more than to post your comments there as well.

Thank you everyone so much!


  1. I am 14 I went to mclaughlin my mom pullied me out to homeschool me cause the bullys called me facebooked me and it got so bad. I am an 8th grader I was taken out 2 weeks ago and i think it is best to get people to be aware of the bullys. I have seen your daughter around the school before she didnt need to be bullied no one does. I found most of the bullys are from different countries. my bullys hurt me so bad I never got punch but I had a few times were the bullys said they were going to even my friends left me and joined them my last 2 weeks there I walked the halls alone and felt like an outsider. please tell your daughter I know what she went threw and its not fun the easyiest thing is to not think about it and spend time with family thats what helped me.

  2. Danielle,
    My name is Cyndi and my daughter posted above. I pulled her out of McLaughlin last week due to the bullying situation at the school. There is something terribly wrong going on over at that school. It is a hostile learning environment and someone needs to do some serious looking into the situation over there. We will keep your family in our prayers. Homeschooling seems to be working for us.

  3. Me to as a child growing up i was bullied alot by school kids things where thrown at me,they called me name,tormented me and picked on me cause 1. i was in special olympics and 2. i was raised by a single mom with little money. So the popular kids would torment me which left me to quit school and mentally and physically scared me for life. I am now 36years old got my ged but the past still haunts me. But any way i know what your daughter has and is going through and i hope justice will prevail for her and your family and i hope action will be taken. Godd luck to you and your family you will be in my thoughts and prayers please keep me informed.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear that this situation has been handled the way it was. As a mom, I can only imagine the outrage you must be feeling. I've shared your story on my blog...I hope that the school and the police address this properly, moving forward.

    Sending good thoughts and a virtual hug to you and Morgan from the Monadnock Region...

  5. Danielle,

    This is Scott Tetreault from WFXT-TV in Boston.

    I can't begin to describe how abhorrent this is!

    More people need to be aware of this.

    Could you please call me at 781-467-1300

    Thank You!

  6. I'm over from Margaret's blog. I live in Southern California so I can't do anything to immediately help but this situation is APPALLING. I told her over there that you have quite the case to sue. I don't usually believe in litigation but in this case the school, district, and the families of the other children should pay.

    I'm praying for sweet Morgan to heal quickly and that you both are taken care of, lovingly, by family and friends.

  7. If anyone has similar stories please contact Lauren Collins at NECN,

  8. Emails to my State Reps were limited help.. Rep. Lucy Weber copied to me pending language that will protect teachers from liability who use reasonable force to stop bullying and Rep. Tara Sad copied to me the text of current RSA's detailing what schools must have in place to address bullying.. Most of which can be summed up as 'too little, too late' but some of which can be read to point out culpability of the principal for not notifying you. I'm confident the school nurse can be held liable for not seeking qualified emergency assistance.
    Currently looking for links within INS websites to find a starting point toward deportation.
    More to come.

  9. Ms Gauthier,
    I feel for your daughter and your family. Bullying is a tremendous problem in NH and in other states around this country!!
    I have been a victim of bullying when i was in jr high in Nashua, and when i acted back i was the 1 that got suspended and had to wite a letter of apology to my attackers, and this was many years ago @ fairgrounds jr high!!! The schools have since passed the "bullying laws" but they are not making much of a difference.
    I was reading about this mother and father team that go around to the NH schools and talk about bullying. They do this because their 13-year-old son had commited suicide due to the bullying. I am not sure of a way on how to contack them, but maybe if you contact the individual who wrote the story there is a way that he can get you in contack with them. Here is the columnists email address:
    Also, I know of a good lawyer here in Nashua if you are willing and ready to extend your fight against McLaughlin Middle Schhol, the families of these boys, as well as the individuals at the school, nurse (for improper medical care), Principal (for failure to defuse the situation properly and also failure to notify you)and all others involved!!!
    The attorneys name is Peter Webb, 603-882-5157
    Good Lucky and I wish Morgan a speedy recovery!!

  10. I am going to share this awful story on my blog as well. I am so so sorry that you and your daughter have to go through something like this. Inconceivable that the school is behaving this way.

  11. Iam right with you whatever you need help with!Iam so very sorry this has happened to this sweet girl,from what I hear Morgan is a very kind-hearted polite girl,Im sure you are proud of her!My daughter also attends this school,and she also has been bullied,she too was pushed aside.She has been spit on called names she didn't even know what it meant,gum put in her hair,pushed tripped things thrown at her on the bus and school!Only one that reports it to me is her.She also has nightmares,and I stay up crying because Im suppose to protect her and I feel helpless and alone in this battle.I call the Pricipal he is ALWAYS at a meeting,I talk to the VP and its well there are 2 sides and when my daughter wants to go home its a battle.She is afraid to go to school somedays(actually she stayed home Friday for that reason)and no one cares!We need to get together as parents and stop these bullies!They won't protet our kids then we will!The parents need to be held accountable also,I want to talk to the parents of the kids that do this to my daughter and I get nope can't do that!I don't have the option of homeschooling and my daughter is afraid if she goes they will just move onto someone else and it could get worse.She also said to me if I leave the bullies win,so like you I feel such a strong sense of pride knowing how brave these kids are.So this is why I write to let you know,you and your daughter are not alone,I will help anyway I can.In closing I have to say GOOD FOR YOU! What a good Mom going on TV and saying ENOUGH and your daughter how strong and brave she someday I hope will recover and see what an insperation she is to kids,I know she has been to my daughter!

  12. Kathleen... please contact Lauren Collins
    NECN New Hampshire Bureau
    c: 617-438-1391

  13. Hi my name is Hattie I am an eight grader at McLaughin I am so sorry this is happening to you it has happened to me and some of my friends too.I don't know why someone would do this and I wish I could help sometimes I think about getting the kids that are bullied together so we can talk so we can help each other I love going to school because I love my teachers and friends but Iam afraid of the mean people and don'tthink Mr Albert or Mr Krantz will do anything if I am hurt or scared.Sometimes when I try to report it I get told kids will be kids or they act like they have something better to do.I can't be homeschooled because my Mom is sick.So thank you for bringing this out where people can see you are very brave.If you want email me and we can talk.

  14. I am so sorry that this has happened to your daughter and applaud you in your efforts to hold people accountable and to help her feel safe. I wish you both peace.

  15. I'm so very sorry this is happening to any child. It breaks my heart knowing that they live in fear for their own safety, while trying to learn.
    I applaud you Danielle for bringing this to the media, and am hopeful that you'll get the national attention this problem deserves.
    Lastly, prayers for Morgan. I can't even begin to imagine what she's going through. I hope she knows that she's touched the hearts of so many, and together we're praying for her emotional healing as well as physical.

  16. Sorry your daughter went through this.

    I can assure you similar incidents are common here in England.

    The teachers are afraid to be accused of racism - not that this is any excuse, the principle should be fired and ordered to pay your daughter a large compensation sum in my opinion.

    The deeper problem is political correctness and the failure of people to tell it like it is.

    I hope this case will help wake people up, your daughter is very brave, best wishes to you both.

  17. Your daughter's school mates are real thugs. Not because they are from... South Orange, East Africa or the West Side. am not sure how the boy's background has anything to do with this.

    I have a daughter. I am a teacher. I have taught hundreds of refugee kids in Texas, California and Missouri, my home state. In every school I have taught teachers always report that it is the immigrant and refugee kids that are the most respectful, kind and well-mannered.

    You no doubt have a real case against unresponsive school personnel. All schools have been alerted, trained and focused on keeping a check on bullying and harassment for years. And even if it was under the radar of adults the way they handled an assault is appalling.

    Teachers and school staff are always prepared to deal with EVERY crisis, every poke, line butting, mouthiness, slurs, pushing, pulling, rudeness, all of it.
    We are also conditioned to accept a community member or a parent's comment, complaint, concern in ANY way. We work for you.
    I can also say that when a principal doesn't suspend a kids for harrassment or hitting something is very wrong there.
    It sounds like your daughter's school did not handle it very well, to say the least. Whatever lame "excuse" the school sounds hostile to parents, uncaring and uncompassionate.

    I urge you with all my heart, as a teacher, as a parent, as a religious person to please put your attacks and energy towards your daughter's school, not the "refugee" kids. Address your anger there. Rightful anger. It would have been just as wrong if "Joe Smith" or "Bobby Youkum" or "Betsy Yost" had done it and you know it.

    I am afraid that our whole country is becoming even more uncaring, uncompassionate and cold-hearted towards girls, children, education, refugees, immigrants.

    Please the problem is not with "the refugees" the problem is with your daughter's school and good for you to "make some noise" about it. That is your right.

    1. Are you nuts? Yes blame the school for thei ineptitude, but also hold the attackers responsible for their actions. Just because their refugees you think they should be allowed to do this???? I am sure if it was your child you would'nt feel this way.

  18. Don't give up, Danielle and Morgan. I hope that justice will not only prevail but also if you have to name and shame the kids who did this to Morgan, do what you believe will be the benefit of Morgan's sake and others' sakes.

  19. We live in Kansas. First I am so sorry this has happened to you and your family. My daughter Desiree is a shy girl, we moved here to Kansas last year. She has been pushed and called all sorts of names. They even got it on film but didn't do anything about it, never suspended the girls either. Then it stopped and now another group of girls are starting. The school talked to them but thats it and now my daughter is home from school sick because of all of this today and I have no friends and family in this state, we don't even know what to do or where to begin. I pray all works out well for you all--Sincerely Janice and Andrew Lewis

  20. What ever happened? its been since February since any activity.

  21. Just wanted to say that this is such an outrage of what happened to your beautiful daughter. i don't want to play the race card, but it is just ridiculous that if people are staying in this great country for refuge from a nation in war or poverty, then they should at least respect our culture and above all never hit a woman or girl for whatever the issue, that goes for people of all color and race. i hope justice is given for your family and stay strong, you both will be in my prayers!!!!